McCord Family Bibles


In genealogical research there is one very reliable document that has legal as well as personal significance; it is the Family Bible.  The McCord family in realizing this has attempted to gather these, whenever they can be found, and make them available to our members and visitors.  We hope that those who visit these pages will make every effort to contact us if they know of any Bible pages that we can mount for public viewing.  Please contact at 

    Remember, by right clicking on a Bible page (not the thumbnail) you can save a copy of it to your computer.  You can also use window's Copy and paste technique to save text.  You can also view a larger page image on your browser if you go to your browser tool bar and click "View" then "Full Screen".

As you look over the pages you will see references to certain family groups designated by letters of the alphabet. A guide is available at the Web Archive for the Clan MacCord Society here and also for download at The Clan McCord Facebook group.

Family Bibles

William B. McCord of Family C David McCord son of John of Bedford Family E-4 William Harris Miller Allied to Family Z Wm McCord son of Samuel - Family Z
William J McCord  of Family Y Dr. John Ellison McCord of Family A Thomas Porter McCord of Family Y David Calvin McCord of Family E
Theodore Obediah Krebs of Family CP Robert McCord of Stately Oaks of Family E-3 James McCord & Jane Scruggs David James McCord  of Family I
James McCord, Jr of Family Y Campbell Washington McCord of Family Y James McCord of uncertain origins John C. McCord of Family CX
Robert Lindsey McCord &  Sarah V. Perry McCord of Family E-2 Joseph W. McCord of Family A


John W. McCord of Louisiana of Family E-1 John McCord grandson of JOB - Family E-3
Elisha McCord of Lincoln County GA Family E-3 John Walstein McCord of Butts County GA Charles E McCord of Family E-3 Allen Nichols McCord
William Maurice McCord of Family C James C. McCord and Mary Wood of Family DD Robert C. McCord Bible Bible of John Dow Family C
David Randol - Sarah McCord of Pennsylvania David McCord and Ann Shaw Bible  Family W Joseph Lawson McCord & Ellen Reiley of Family CX  

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