Family Bibles


This website is the result of the work of Dr. Symm McCord, one of the most authoritative McCord family researchers in the United States. After he removed the site from publication, Ted Cashin offered to give the site a home so that everyone could continue to benefit and hopefully contribute to this great resource.

We will place on these pages Family Bibles from the McCord and allied families.  Its success will depend on the data we can obtain from family members.  If you are submitting a Bible (the personal data) please try to include a copy of the publisher's page or the page containing the date of publication if possible.

Note: McCords of Afro-American descent are welcome to participate in our research.  We believe you will find much data in the files of our members that might be of help to you in your research.  We invite you to join our membership and give and take with us.  We all have the same objectives regardless of our beginnings.

       McCord Bibles


Contact: Ted Cashin

or: Symm McCord