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The Family Bible of Sarah Virginia Perry McCord is sent to us by her Great Great Grandson John Patrick (Pat) Curley of Nashville, Tennessee whose mother is Lillian Lee McCord Curley.  Sarah was the wife of Robert Lindsey McCord who was the son of William McCord (died 1824 in Maury County, TN) and Nancye Harris .  The lineage from Robert is as follows: Reverend Edgar Randolph McCord, John Emile McCord, and Lillian Lee McCord Curley, the mother of Pat.

Behind William McCord the lineage is not well understood.  Some well studied members of our society say William was the son of Robert McCord and Fanny Black of family E, and some feel he is the son of David McCord and Mary Allison of Family A.  Pat has thus far been unable to sort out his roots any further than William and Nancy Harris McCord.  He hopes the posting of these Bible pages will not only help others but perhaps someone will have data that might be informing to him.  His email address is: .

Addendum (9/2/09): Patrick Curley has now determined that the above William was, in fact, the son of Robert McCord and Fanny Black which means that this is McCord Family E-2.


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