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The following is a transcription of the Family Bible of Joseph W. McCord and Martha C. McCurley.  Danny Keath reports that he was told by Don McCord that this was very probably Family A.


Holy Bible

New York :

American Bible Society




            This Bible is in poor condition and would make very poor copies. The notes and names in parentheses were added after the names as they appear in the Bible for clarification. This was the Bible of my Great Grandparents Joseph W. McCord and Martha C. McCurley. Most of the entries were made by Martha. A few were made by my Grandmother Mary Charlotte McCord and by my mother Mable Keath.

 Danny Keath

 Family Bible

Joseph W. McCord and Martha C. McCurley


 Joseph W. McCord                                                                                          10 Jun 1839

Mattie C. McCord (Martha C. McCurley)                                                          14 Oct 1849


Children of Joseph and Mattie

 Mary Lottie McCord (Mary Charlotte McCord)                                                26 Mar 1875

William Robert McCord                                                                                   24 May 1878

Jennie Beatrus McCord                                                                                     11 Feb 1880

Buleah Terence McCord                                                                                  16 May 1881

Tomas Lincoln McCord                                                                                    23 Jun 1882

Agnes Earl McCord                                                                                          14 Oct 1885

Buddie McCord (Benjamin Harrison McCord)                                                   04 Aug 1887

Joseph Martin McCord                                                                                     21 Feb 1890


Other Births

 Dora Pearl Smith                                                                                             05 May 1887

Mable McCord                                                                                                  16 Jan 1913

Baulah C. McCord                                                                                           15 May 1912

Joel Scott McCord (Used the name of his Stepfather Charlie Hiatt)                          Mar 1895

Charles S. Hiatt                                                                                                 04 Mar 1869

Enoch M. Hayes                                                                                               21 Mar 1905

William H. Hayes                                                                                               28 Jan 1907

Agnes Hayes                                                                                                     07 Apr 1911



 W. R. McCord                                                                                                 30 Sep 1928

Mary Lottie Miller (Mary Charlotte McCord)                                                      21 Dec 1956

W. E. Smith                                                                                                      29 Mar 1902

Robert L. Smith                                                                                                            1903

Joseph W. McCord                                                                                          21 Sep 1913

Mattie McCord (Martha C. McCurley)                                                               15 Feb 1922

Joel Hiatt                                                                                                          13 Apr 1986

Jennie B. McCord                                                                                            31 Aug 1880

Buleah T. McCord                                                                                           06 Aug 1881

Tomas L. McCord                                                                                           27 Aug 1882

Charlotte McCord (Charlotte Ring)                                                                   18 Mar 1891

Malinda J. Smith (Malinda Jane McCurley)                                                         09 Apr 1891

Mary C. Brown ( Mary C. Tankersley)                                                                09 Jan 1880

Dee Smith                                                                                                        14 Aug 1901



Joseph W. McCord to                                                                                      31 May 1874

Mattie C. McCord (Martha C. McCurley)


Charles S. Hiatt to                                                                                             31 Dec 1899

Mary L. McCord ( Mary Charlotte McCord)  


M. E. Hayes to                                                                                                  16 Jan 1904

Agnes E. McCord


Orville Keath to                                                                                                 18 Feb 1928

Mable Miller


Tom Parker to                                                                                                   16 Oct 1904

Cara P. Smith


Martin J. McCord to                                                                                         09 Jul 1911

Pauline Eustler


William R. McCord to                                                                                       14 Mar 1912

Mollie King


Benjamin H. McCord to                                                                                    11 Mar 1914

Ella Greenway


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