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The Randol-McCord Bible pages are sent to us by Sally Randol-Hardy and she believes it is from the Bible of James H. Randol, the oldest child of David and Sarah McCord Randol.  It was found and copied by Sally's parents in their research of their family.  She does not know who is in current possession of the Bible.  No one in the family knows who the parents of Sarah McCord were and all are hoping that someone reading this might know and will add to the families knowledge.

Here is some census data for anyone who is trying to help: 


The David and Sarah McCord Randol Family


1820 Kinsman Twp, Trumbull, Ohio

There is a George McCord on the census along with Sarah McCord's Father-in-law David Randol/Randall, Sr. (George could possibly be Sarah's father)


1830 Kinsman Twp, Trumbull, Ohio            "Randell"

1840 Milford, LaGrange, Indiana               "Randle"

1850 Milford, LaGrange, Indiana [TN=36N R=11E]"Randall"

1860 Washington, Polk, Iowa  [PO in Peoria City]    "Randall"

Peoria City is now a ghost town - It used to be located in the NW corner of section 1 of Washington, IA - therefore it was on the Polk and Story county line.


On the 1850 Census David and Sarah McCord Randol["Randall"] live one house down from:

James McCord           60 bn PA

Nancy McCord           46 bn PA

David Bardwell(sp?)  12 bn PA


Please send any info of interest to Sally Randol-Hardy or this web 


There are two pages, one is of births and one is of deaths:

                   Births.jpg (187718 bytes)         Deaths.jpg (229648 bytes)    

                    Births             Deaths

Sally Randol-Hardy has made typed transcriptions of the two pages to assist in accuracy:

                   Randol-McCord Bible Transcription1.jpg (177613 bytes)            Randol-McCord Bible Transcription2.jpg (245623 bytes)

             Transcription     Transcription


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