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This is the family Bible of John McCord who was the grandson of John McCord of Bedford County, Virginia through his son John McCord of Lincoln County, Georgia and his wife Else (Alice) Hyatt.  We are grateful to Mrs. Bernard Preston Wolff of Atlanta, Georgia who took the time to take these pages to the Georgia archives to be copied so that others can use it for research.  Thanks also to Dr. James William McCord of Augusta, Georgia who so kindly sent me these Bible pages.  He and Lou Randall of Australia have been special people in the "giving" of their research over the years.  I have enjoyed our relationship.  These two descend from Elisha McCord and Sarah (Sally) Zellner.  Elisha was the brother of this John McCord and the father of Robert McCord whose family Bible can be found among these McCord Bible Pages.

The Dr. Jabez Pleadius McCord and Mary E. McCord listed below were husband and wife.  They died within 48 hours of each other of Typhoid fever.  Their two children, Jabez, Jr and Cora were raised primarily by their Uncle Zachariah McCord, but both spent some time initially in Lincoln County GA with their Uncle Elisha McCord (son of John McCord).  Jabez Jr became a railroad conductor for the GA Railroad and was a Captain on the "Old Picayune" that ran between Augusta, GA and Thomson, GA.  Cora Annie McCord married Joseph Mackay Brown who became Governor of Georgia during the early 1900s.  Cora was the First Lady of Georgia during his tenure as governor.


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I have typed the info below for clarity:


Deaths 1:

John McCord deceased 16 May 1805

Alice McCord died -----1828

George McCord died 5 Sep ---1857

Mary Ann Blanchard died May "19" 1855

Rosa McCord died 19 March 1863

John McCord departed this life, Oct. 8th 1864

Nancy McCord departed this life February 24th 1866

Mary E McCord departed this life November the 25 1864

Dr. Jabuz Pleadus McCord departed this life November the 27 1864

John M McCord departed this life December the 19th 1864

William Gresham departed this life Nov 16 1866



Martha L Gresham departed this life Apr 28th 1870

Garrett (?) Gresham departed this life December 27th 1847

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