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David James McCord

The following is the Family Bible of David James McCord and Emmeline Wagner.  David was the son of Russell McCord, son of John McCord (The "Catawba Trader" of the area then known as "McCord's Ferry" in South Carolina) and wife Sophianisba Russell.  This is McCord Family I and it is believed that John McCord (the trader) was the grandson of David McCord of Armagh, Ireland, and John came to the South Carolina area about 1740.  David James was born January 13, 1797.

These Bible pages are contributed by the late Stephen McCord Brown who was one of our research experts on the McCords of South Carolina.  He sent me these pages several years ago and I was reminded of them when Henrique MacCord  of Brazil contacted me to contribute.  Henrique is a descendant of Russell Paul McCord who was a son of David James McCord.  Russell Paul McCord took his family and migrated to Brazil at the end of the American Civil War.  Our thanks to both of these McCords/MacCords for their efforts.

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The Bible Pages

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