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The Family Bible of Allen Nichols McCord was sent to me in 2004 by Carl H. Stem, Ph.D. from Lubbock, Texas.  Here is his description of the history of the Bible:

"This Bible was handed down from A.N.McCord to his daughter, Mary Lavonia McCord (my great-grandmother), who married James Patton Ogilvie. It was passed to my grandmother, Myrtle Ogilvie, who married Dr. Charles R. Stem, and she gave it to me, along with a lot of other Ogilvie, Stem, Taylor, etc. material. I am not sure she knew that it was in the boxes of material that she gave me in 1967.

It is an 1821 Bible published by W. Greenough of Lunenburg, Mass. On the first fly page is Allen Nichols McCord's signature--in very fine penmanship--with the date, 1825.

It is not a large Bible--7 x 4 1/2 inches.

In the family record section it lists his birth, that of his wife, Jane Jordan, and his four children: Elizabeth A. McCord (1834), Thomas N. McCord (1836), William H. McCord (1838) and Mary Lavonia McCord (1842).

The rest of the section lists the names and birth dates of 38 blacks born between April 1830 and August 1865."

Thanks Carl for waiting for me to add the Allen Nichols McCord Bible.  I'm sorry it took so long.


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