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Note from Clan President, James McCord

Years ago we found that the research of Guyte and Jean McCord of Tallahassee, Florida indicated that Robert and David McCord who had come to Tennessee from Georgia (circa 1820) had as their father John McCord (of Bedford County Virginia) the son of William McCord who built McCord's Fort in Pennsylvania.  I came to fully agree with this belief, and in time, a transcribed Bible record of Robert McCord's came to light, coming in from more than one person.  The Bible record of Robert's showed John McCord and Mary Irwin as parents to Robert and David and that both John and Mary had died in 1797.  This eliminated an alternate view that Robert and David's father was William McCord, son of David McCord of Derry (now Hershey, PA), a theory I had never believed to be true.  John and Mary Irwin McCord are unquestionably the parents of Robert and David.  Should you ever desire to see the records they are in the possession of Symm and David McCord.  Copies of the transcription are placed here for all to study and copy.

The following are thumbnails of the transcribed Bible page transcription.  Please click on them to see the full size picture and begin your study.  You will note that on page 1 there is an "error" notation made by a previous researcher who did not believe the transcription.  There are two other sources which back up these documents.  This is McCord Family E.


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