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This Bible record was sent to me by our family association president, James McCord.  It is an old DAR record that he found in his files.  Many thanks to Charles W. Agee of Glendale Arizona who found the Bible online and has done extensive research into this branch of his family.  In his research he has found that John W. McCord was the grandson of William McCord son of John McCord of Bedford County Virginia through William's son William.   This is McCord Family E-1.

Anyone who would like to contact Charles W. Agee about his branch can send email to 


Bible Pages copied by the chapters of the Louisiana Society

Compiled by the state regent

Mrs. John Newton Pharr

1950 - 1951

Louisiana G.R.C. Reports Vol. 26

Restored by

Fort Velasco Chapter

Lake Jackson, TX

Mrs. A. C. Burkholder, Chmn.



John W. McCord                 January 25th, 1823

Mary Jane Harris                September 15th, 1828

Margaret Ann McCord         January 6th, 1846

Ambrose Oliver McCord       February 6th, 1848

William John McCord          February 22nd, 1850

Mary Eliza McCord              May 4th, 1852

David Crocket McCord         June 24th, 1854

Robert R. McCord                 October 15th, 1856

Samuel P. McCord                July 6th, 1859

John W. McCord, Jr              January 29th, 1862

Ida McCord                            October 16th, 1864

Lelia McCord                         February 4th, 1866

Irma McCord                          November 15th, 1872

Pearl Baker                            March 31, 1878

George Woodford Baker         January 3rd, 1880

Mary Baker                            March 4th, 1882

Horace Alfred Baker              October 13th, 1884

Minnie I. Baker                      December 31st, 1886



John W. McCord and Mary Jane Harris were married October 16,1844

John W. Baker and Margaret Ann McCord married December 28, 1863

W. J. McCord and Susie Hampton February 12, 1873

W. W. Baker and Mary Eliza McCord April 17, 1877

John W. McCord and Mrs. Nannie A. Whatley married September 20, 1882

Earl McCord was born October 28, 1884, only son of this marriage

William Woodford Baker and Mary Eliza McCord married April 17, 1877

W.W. Baker born April 17, 1847



Robert R. McCord died September 27, 1863

John W. McCord, Jr. died October 11, 1863

Ida McCord died May 1st, 1865

David Crocket McCord died March 11, 1879

William J. McCord died July 27, 1882

Mary Jane McCord died November 23, 1878

Mary Jane McCord's mother Mary Garretti Harris died April 15, 1879

John W. McCord died April 2nd, 1885

Irma McCord Robinson died August 9, 1848

Ambrose O. McCord died November 1928.

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