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Dr. John Ellison McCord

This is the Family Bible of John Ellison McCord who was the Great Grandson of David McCord of Derry, also known as David McCord the Weaver.  His Grandfather was David McCord Jr.  Mr. David W. Dockery has sent us copies of the pages from the Bible.  This is McCord Family A.

The following Bible record of John Ellison McCord was handed down to his youngest daughter, Nancy Deborah McCord the wife of Emsley Wm. Bobbitt. I have this old record, the sheets from their Bible, which now sealed in plastic to prevent any further wear or damage.


Dr. J. E. McCord was Born 'January 18' 1813

Martha A. McCord was Born June 18, 1812

Caroline E. McCord was Born May 21 1832

David F. McCord was Born December 21, 1834

William E. McCord was Born July 26, 1836

Robert D. McCord was Born July 26, 1839

Isaac F. McCord was Born Sep. 30, 1841

Joseph S. McCord was Born Oct. 233 1844

Mary E. McCord was Born Dec. 14, 1846

Charles N. McCord was Born march 2, 1848

Martha M. McCord was Born Jay 15, 1852

Nancy Deborah McCord was Born May 19, 1853

James F. McCord was Born Feb. 26, 1856

 Prat Long was Born   21, 1852


Dr. J. E. McCord married to Martha Andrews March 8, 1831

David F. McCord married to Elizabeth Ritchey June 3, 1855

Caroline E. McCord was married to W. L. Doss Oct. the 13,


Prat Long was married to Mary E. McCord Nov 21 1876 (hard to



Martha M. McCord Dide March 17, 1852

James F. McCord Died Sept. 28, 1858

Dr. J. E. McCord Died Jan. 14, 1875

Caroline E. Doss Died Nov. 15th 1876

Robert D. McCord Died Nov 15,th 1876

Martha McCord Died July the 31, 1885

Mary E. Long Died April 11, 1900

William E. McCord Died Nov. 18, 1904

Joseph S. McCord died Aug 8, 1908

End of Bible Record


Here are images of the actual Bible pages.  Use the window slides to study them.

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