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Letter copied from Old Family Bible.


Wm. J. McCord's Genealogy. McCord Family in the United States, so far as known by the writer.


David McCord, my great, grandfather, was killed by the Indians in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; also his wife. The Indians took three of his children prisoners, viz., my grandfather James and two of his sisters, I think Margaret and Jane. They carried them to Detroit and across the great waters to Plymouth and then exchanged and returned home. The sisters got home without crossing the sea, not known how. Another married in Pennsylvania a man by the name of Anderson. I know of but 3 brothers to my great, grandfather. William, the oldest was killed by the Indians at McCord Fort, Penna.,  John who settled in Mechlenburg County, North Carolina, Benjamin, perhaps settled in Kentucky. It is supposed they all came from Ireland, seven brothers, their names not known from Scotland to Ireland, hence called Scotch-Irish. My grandfather had perhaps 3 brothers, William, who settled in Kentucky; John in North Carolina; and David, I think who settled not known where: my grandfather and three sons, David, James and Ambrose, and 3 daughters, Jane, Elizabeth and Mary. James, being my father had sons and daughters as follows:  Robert C., Wm. J., David L., Samuel H., Campbell W., Lucinda, Penelope, Rowena, Cynthia, Susan and Eliza, twins.


(For marriages and deaths refer to family record as per Wm. J. McCord.)


Let him remember this is the Old Family Bible and relics and it will never deceive. This was done August 26, 1848.

 February 11, 1849 - living in Lawrence County, Alabama, 31/2 miles northeast of Moulton, self, wife and two children and two servants. Rufus Chapman had chills and fever 5 month, very lean and weak.



July 16, 1849.      Rufus now well.

                       Dorcas Campbell, a daughter, now 4 months old.

                       Edmond, a servant born in family Feb. 26, 1849.

                       Sister Rowena I". July inst. And her remains lie in old Baptist Graveyard 1/2 mile N. West of Moulton. H. M. McCord is buried at same place.

Dec. 16, 1849.    James W. McCord, eldest son of Robert and Marianne, died 

July 7, 1852.    Benjamin C. McCord died Oct. 30, 185 1. His remains lie in Rock Springs graveyard.

Luann Cora, our 4" child born Oct. 28, 1850, died June 12, 1852 at 4 o'clock

                           Lawrence County ‑ 3 1/2miles N.E. Moulton, Alabama.

        Wm. J. McCord.

      Copies from page 677 of the Old Family Bible

                        A. C. McCord and Sallie E. Callihan were married in Yazoo County, Miss. By the Rev.     R. Jones of the M. E. Church, Feb. 5, 1872.

                       R. C. McCord and Emma A. Farr were married in Marshall County, Miss. April 9, 1874   by the Rev. Reeves of the M. E. church.

                       Dorcas G. McCord and James E. Dunnevant were married in Corinth, Miss. Sept. 13,   1868 by the Rev. Robert Wear of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

                       James McCord and Dorcas, parents of W. J. McCord were married in Blount County,   Tenn. by the Rev. Gideon Blake, minister of the Presbyterian Church on the 2 nd day of    June, 1801.

                      Robert C. McCord (eldest brother) and Marianne Weir were married in Franklin  County, Tenn. by the Rev. John Ball of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church May 4,  1826.

                       David L. McCord and Harriet McCrary were married in Lawrence County, Alabama by  the Rev. Hyle Barr, minister of the Presbyterian Church Jan. 14, 1830.

                       Samuel Handley McCord and Caroline W. Hansell were married in Lawrence County,   Ala. By the Rev. Edward McMillan, minister of the Presbyterian Church, Dec. 16, 1834.

                      Campbell W. McCord and Caroline Miller were married in Moulton, Lawrence County,  Ala. By the Rev. Edward McMillan, Feb. 25, 1833.

                     Lucinda McCord was married to Felix Johnson in Lawrence County, Ala., by the Rev.  Thomas B. Wilson, minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church on Dec. 12,1837.

                                             Campbell W. McCord was married the 2nd, time to Hannah C. Edmondson in Athends,  Ala. By the Rev. Robert Donnell of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church March 10,  1842.

                      Rowena McCord was married to Levi Callaway in Lawrence County, Alabama by the  Rev. Smith minister of the Presbyterian Church in Moulton on the 29th day of Dec. 1842.

Copied from page 678 of Old Family Bible:


Win. J. McCord and Miranda had sons and daughter as follows:


Andrew Cowan McCord         Born Saturday, Nov. 1, 1845 at 2 a.m.

Rufus Chapman McCord         Born Thursday, July 7, 1847 at 4 a.m.

Dorcas Campbell McCord         Born Wednesday, March 18, 1849 at 7 p.m.

Luan Cora McCord         Born Monday, October 28, 1850 at 9 a.m.

                                          Died June 12, 1852 at 4 o'clock a.m.

                                          Buried 1/2 mile East Moulton.

                                       Velma C. McCord         Born Friday at sundown, March 18, 1853.

Servants born in the family of W. J. McCord:

                                      Edmond Chapman         Born Feb. 26, 1849 at 8 a.m.

Lucy         Born Jan. 25, 1851 at 2 a.m.

Pierce         Born Jan. 28, 1853         Died Feb. 3, 1853.

Mari a Ann         Born March 16, 1854

Rozelle Carrie         Born Jan. 9, 1856

Ralph         Born May 26,1858

Robin Bell         Born July 4, 1860

Ben Franklin         Born Sept. 14, 1862

Lecara         Born Sept. 16, 1864

                          David L. McCord and Harriet had no children.


Copies from page 678 and 680 of Old Family Bible


Born to William J. McCord and Miranda - sons and daughters:


Andrew Cowan Born Saturday Nov. 1, 1845 at 2 o'clock a.m.  Left us for His Father's House, prepared by Him, April 14, 1883. Blessed are they that die in the arms of the Lord. Buried in Corinth Cemetery, Corinth, Miss. Married Sallie E. Callihan in Yazoo County, Miss. By Rev. H. Jones at M. E. Church on Feb. 5, 1872. 


Rufus Chapman Born Thursday July 9, 1847 at 4 o'clock a.m.  He married Emma A. Farr in Marshall County, Miss. On April 9, 1874 by Rev. Reeves of M.E. Church. Died November 24, 1894. "Departed this life and went home to Jesus. A Precious soul has gone home to God. He died as he had lived, bravely trusting God." Buried in Henry Cemetery at Corinth. (From page 679)


Dorcas Campbell Born Wednesday March 15, 1849 at 7 o'clock P.M. She married James B. Dunnavent in Corinth, Miss. On Sept. 13, 1868 by Rev. Robert Weir of Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Died ............  

Luann Cora Born Monday October 28, 1850 at 9 o'clock a.m.  Died June 12, 1852 at 4 o'clock Buried 21/2 miles East of Moulton, Alabama. 

Velma C. Born Friday at sundown on March 18, 1853.  "Went to sleep in the arms of Jesus on November 7, 1885. Rest in peach, sweet sister". Died in Corinth, Miss. Buried in Henry Cemetery.


Copied from Old Family Bible, Page 678 

Samuel Handley McCord and Caroline McCord had sons and daughters as follows: 

Luther Wood            Born October 3, 1835

Eliza Hansell            Born January 15, 1837

Frank Owen            Born January 14, 1839

Joan            Born December 13, 1840

Emily Josephine            Born February 23, 1843

Gabriella            Born July 24, 1845

Lapsley David            Born September 5, 1847

Willa            Born July 10, 1859 

In hand writing:

"Revolution Ancestor, father of Dorcas Cowan married to James McCord, Jr. 

Robert Cowan married in 1775 to Susan Wood. 

"Robert Cowan (b. 1716 – d. 1810) enlisted in 1778 as private in Col. John Steed’s Co., Col. John Neville’s

4th regiment, Virginia troops.  He was born in Scotland, Died in Virginia.”        



Copied from Old Family Bible, page 678. 

Robert C. and Marianna McCord had sons and daughters as follows: 

James W. McCord         Born October 21, 1828 

Benjamin C. McCord      Born September 14, 1830                            

 Martha Jane McCord      Born January 9, 1832

 William Lapsley McCord Born May 18, 1834

 Mary Agnes McCord       Born March 11, 1836

 John Calvin McCord        Born March 31, 1838

 Dorcas Luanna McCord   Born March 20, 1840

 Lucinda Johnson McCord

                And                   Twins

Minerva Lucia McCord

Eliza McCord                     Born April 4 or May 17, 1845??

 Robert Bell McCord          Born October 4, 1847

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