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William McCord was the Son of Samuel McCord of Albemarle County of Virginia

These photocopies/copies of his Bible pages are sent to us by Jim Buskirk of 2500 Rawson Street, Oakland, California, 94601.  David McCord of Estancia, NM who is our research coordinator has identified William as coming from family Z on the list of McCord family designators.  You can view the list by going to and clicking the link to family line designators.


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Page 2:   Births                                                                          Births

Agnes J. McCord - June 8, 1828                George McCord -May 7 1875

Mary A. McCord - Feb. 24, 1830                 Thomas Francis Hamer - Nov. 6,1877 Kearney, NB

Louisa A. McCord - Oct. 10, 1831              Grace Julia Hamer - Jan. 17, 1880 in Kearney, Nebraska                    

James C. McCord - Feb. 16, 1834                Jane Hamer Kanzler 18Apr1910 in Portland, Oregon

Elizabeth McCord - Apr. 6, 1836                Frances Hamer Kanzler 30Oct1914 in Portland, Oregon                     

William A. McCord - May 8, 1840                Robert Kanzler Lancefield 12 Feb. 1936

Rebecca A. McCord - Sep. 17, 1842            Richard Francis Lancefield 15 May 1939                              

Eunice M. McCord - Mar. 26, 1846              Thomas Stuart Lancefield 29 Jan. 1949

                                                                                    Charles Jacob Buskirk Washington, DC 20Oct1943

                                                                                    Philip Linton Buskirk  Dec 7, 1944  in Berkeley, CA

                                                                                    James Richard Buskirk Aug. 17, 1947 in Berkeley, CA

                                                                                    Martha Jessie Buskirk May 14, 1954 in Berkeley, CA

Page 3 - left column 

William McCord and Rebecca Jones were married 1Feb1827 in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Jane Hamer Kanzler md Robert Lynn Lancefield 6Sep1933 in Portland, Oregon

Frances Hamer Kanzler md John Philip Buskirk 29May1942 in Berkeley, California.

Frances Hamer Kanzler md John Philip Buskirk divorced 16Aug.1971

Frances Kanzler Buskirk md Theodore Avery Chadwick 27Feb1977 in Bolinas, CA

Page 3 - right column

Samuel W. Robinson md Agnes J. McCord 27Nov1843

Robert S. Love md Mary A. McCord 8Apr1852

James C. McCord md Lavenia Beever 16Feb1868

Francis G. Hamer md Rebecca A. McCord 6Dec1869 at Eddyville, Iowa near Oskalusa

James V Houghy md Eunice M. McCord 4 Feb 1874

William A. McCord md Margaretta Galloway 10 Jun 1874

Jacob Kanzler md Grace Julia Hamer 15Jul1909 in Kearney, NB

Thomas F. Hamer md Katherine Horan 14 Jun 1935

Page 4

                           Deaths                                                                                     Deaths

Agnes J. Robinson d 27 Apr 1848                                           Margaretta McCord d 7 May 1875

Rebecca McCord d 13 Jul 1856                                             Louisa A. McCord d 2 Aug 1882

William McCord d 13 Feb 1875                                               Robert S. Love d 3 Feb 1876

Francis G. Hamer d 10 Aug 1918 in Kearney, NB            Mary A. Love d 29 May 1899

Thomas Francis Hamer d 21 Mar 1950                                Mrs Elizabeth McCord Trobaugh d 17 Oct 1916

Grace Hamer Kangler d 23 May 1972 Fremont, CA        Rebecca Almira McCord Hamer d 11 Jul 1925 at

                                                                                                                  the home of her dau. Grace Julia Kanzler

                                                                                                                   in Portland, Oregon.

                                                                                                                   Jacob Kanzler d 18 Nov 1940

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