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This data is taken from the family records of Elizabeth Blanchard Reese of Thomson, GA.  It relates to the family of Elisha McCord who was the great grandson of John McCord of Bedford County Virginia and the grandson of John McCord and Else (Alice) Hyatt of Lincoln County Georgia.  Elisha was married twice and had two sizeable families which blended quite well.


Elisha McCord                   Born September 30, 1824      Died September 12, 1896

Mary Frances Blanchard  Born September 6, 1837         Died September 30, 1863

Marriage  Nov 9, 1854 (1st Wife)


Charley E. McCord              Born Aug 12, 1855                  Died Jan 15, 1930

Simeon H. McCord                Born Jan 13, 1857                  Died Jan 13, 1925

John W. McCord                   Born Sep 7, 1858                    Died Oct 9, 1898

Mary Frances McCord          Born Jan 4, 1860                    Died Dec 23, 1925

Martha Jane McCord            Born Jul 19, 1861                  Died Dec 22, 1929

Mary Ann McCord                  Born Jan 8, 1863                    Died Aug 27, 1864


Martha Virginia (Jennie) Spiers Cox Born Sep 12, 1840         Died Jan 9, 1882

Marriage to Elisha Jun 28, 1865 (2nd Wife) (Also 2nd marriage for Jennie)


Mary Lane (Mollie) McCord   Born Mar 30, 1867                  Died Apr 11, 1953

Joseph H. McCord                   Born Jan 3, 1869                     Died Dec 26, 1892

George Carmell McCord        Born Jul 5, 1871                     Died Apr 17 1946

Daisy L. McCord                       Born May 6, 1876                    Died

Dudley V McCord                     Born Jan 9, 1882                    Died Jul 23, 1883



Mary Frances to John P Hogan                         nov 19, 1877

 John W McCord to Ophelia Sumter Smith        Apr 15, 1880

Charley E McCord to Lula Vaughn                    Nov 10, 1881

Simeon H. McCord to Cora Lee Dyer                  Jan 11, 1883

Martha Jane McCord to Waldo Putnam Harris  Dec 10, 1884

John W McCord to Susan Hattaway (2nd mar)    Jan 2, 1893

George Carmell McCord to Sallie Timmerman   Dec 27, 1893

Daisy L McCord to John B. Hawes                        Oct 19, 1895


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